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Coolbie Re Mountain Village, Iran. Mohammadreza Momeni Riomaggiore is a village and comune in the province of La Spezia, situated in a small valley in the Liguria region of Italy. The union of Peggy the wombat and Anzac the kangaroo. Orphaned at birth, the dynamic—and devastatingly adorable—duo first met at an animal rescue center in Victoria, Australia. As evidenced by the following photos, their friendship is certainly a vibrant […] Zonkey: About four months ago, an adorable half-zebra, half-donkey was born in Italy named Ippo. The rare crossbreed, known as a zonkey, is the offspring of a male zebra and female donkey. There are a variety of zebroids a hybrid of zebra and any other member of the […] Cats In Stockings November 12th, One of the latest online hits — cats in stockings. French-Canadian photographer Ulric Collette created mash-ups in which he takes photographs of two family members, edits half of each face and creates one seamless portrait. By doing this he is trying to show how strong family resemblances are.

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By the time they arrived, the kangaroo had fled, leaving a year-old woman severely wounded, a Queensland Ambulance spokesperson told The Courier Mail. The woman has sustained a ‘significant chest wound’ injury and two other people suffered minor cuts, the spokesperson said.

Australia Kangaroo in year-old manuscript could change Australian history A 16th century manuscript featuring an image that looks like a kangaroo could prove that Portuguese explorers discovered Australia before the first recorded European landing in The manuscript, which is thought to date from between and , appears to show a small kangaroo within the letters of its text By Bernd Debusmann 8: The manuscript, which is thought to date from between and , appears to show a small kangaroo within the letters of its text.

If the image actually is a kangaroo, the drawing suggests that Portuguese explorers may have discovered Australia before the first recorded European landing on the continent by Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon in It was previously in the possession of a rare book dealer in Portugal. Laura Light, a researcher at the gallery, told Australia’s The Age newspaper that “a kangaroo or wallaby in a manuscript this early is proof that the artist of this manuscript had either been in Australia, or even more interestingly, that travellers’ reports and drawings of the interesting animals found in this new world were already available in Portugal.

Kangaroo attacks

When Anokans awoke to find their cows roaming Main Street, their windows soaped and their outhouses tipped over, they decided something had to be done. Getting Organized In , George Green and other Anoka civic leaders suggested the idea of a giant celebration. In September of that year, a Halloween committee was organized.

Working hand in hand were businessmen, teachers from the Anoka public and parochial schools, parents, and students.. For weeks before the big event, more than a thousand Anoka school children made plans and costumes for the big event.

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third-largest island, after Tasmania and Melville lies in the state of South Australia km (70 mi) southwest of closest point to the mainland is Snapper Point in Backstairs Passage which is km ( mi) from the Fleurieu Peninsula.. Once occupied by Aboriginal Australians, the native population disappeared from the archaeological.

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Production[ edit ] Currently most kangaroo meat is sourced from wild animals as a byproduct of population control programes. Although most species of macropod are protected from non-Aboriginal hunting by law, a small number of the large-sized species which exist in high numbers can be hunted by commercial hunters. Such groups argue that basing agricultural production systems on native animals rather than introduced livestock like sheep offers considerable ecological advantages to the fragile Australian rangelands and could save greenhouse gas emissions.

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By Karen Michelmore Updated July 19, Newman Archaeologists have uncovered a treasure trove of ancient artefacts — including evidence of a kangaroo cook-up — inside a remote cave in the far north-west of Australia. The site in Western Australia’s Pilbara region is being leased by mining giant BHP Billiton, but of late a different kind of digging has been going on. The remnants of the ancient camp fire consist of about 20cm of fine white ash and contains pieces of charcoal which will be sent off for radiocarbon dating.

Digging into history in the WA outback ABC News Banjima man and traditional owner Garren Smith, who is working with the archaeologists, said stories about the site have been passed down over time. Years later scientists returned to do a test dig in a 1m-square patch, and in the process uncovered a cache of stone tools, some of which are up to 32, years old, making it one of the oldest sites in the region.

Scarp Archaeologist Stephanie Vick documents a find at an archaeological dig in the Pilbara. Dr Slack, who is also president of the Australian Archaeological Association, said there are around archaeologists working around Australia. Fittingly, the Pilbara excavation coincides with National Archaeology Week, and is just one of many sites of archaeological interest around the country.

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October 2, Andy Lim Shutterstock Kangaroos are best known for having pouches that house their developing offspring called joeys , but that’s not the only interesting feature of their reproduction. Kangaroos are capable of breeding all year-round, though most mating occurs in late spring and early summer. The marsupials typically live in small groups; during the peak breeding months, they come together and form larger mobs that congregate around resources, such as food, water and access to females.

The animals show extreme sexual dimorphism , with males growing to be several times the size of females, said Bill Bateman, a wildlife biologist at Curtin University in Australia.

Kangaroo Island. A large offshore island without human inhabitants, called ‘island of the dead’ by mainland Aborigines, separated from the Australian continent for almost 10 years, yet with abundant evidence of a prehistoric population.

Several more Topsy’s were opened and eventually renamed Oscar’s after Peterson’s middle name. In , Peterson obtained rights for the intercom ordering concept from George Manos who owned one location named Chatterbox in Anchorage, Alaska, the first known location to use the intercom concept for drive-up windows. In , Peterson converted the El Cajon Boulevard location into Jack in the Box, a hamburger stand focused on drive-through service. A giant clown projected from the roof, and a smaller clown head sat atop the intercom, where a sign said, “Pull forward, Jack will speak to you.

Peterson formed Foodmaker, Inc. At this time, all Jack in the Box locations—over , mainly in California and the Southwest—were company-owned. Location sites, food preparation, quality control, and the hiring and training of on-site managers and staff in each location were subject to rigorous screening and strict performance standards. In the s, Foodmaker led the Jack in the Box chain toward its most prolific growth television commercials in the early s featured child actor Rodney Allen Rippy and began to franchise locations.

The chain began to increasingly resemble its larger competitors, particularly industry giant McDonald’s. Jack in the Box began to struggle in the latter part of the decade; its expansion into East Coast markets was cut back, then halted. By the end of the decade, Jack in the Box restaurants was sold in increasing numbers. Around , Foodmaker dramatically altered Jack in the Box’s marketing strategy by literally blowing up the chain’s symbol, the jack in the box , in television commercials with the tagline, “The food is better at the Box”.

Instead, Foodmaker targeted older, more affluent ” yuppie ” customers with a higher-quality, more upscale menu and a series of whimsical television commercials featuring Dan Gilvezan , who attempted to compare the new menu items to that of McDonald’s and other fast-food chains, to no avail; hence “There’s No Comparison”, their slogan at the time. Jack in the Box restaurants were remodeled and redecorated with decorator pastel colors and hanging plants; the logo, containing a clown’s head in a red box with the company name in red text to or below the box signs in front of the restaurant displayed the clown’s head only , was modified, stacking the words in a red diagonal box while still retaining the clown’s head; by about or , the clown’s head was removed from the logo, which would remain until

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Link Is kangaroo meat as healthy as we think it is? Australian experts said the study was significant because up until now, scientists generally believed cholesterol and fat in red meat was driving the link between high consumption and heart disease. The surprising discovery has caused warnings against the widespread use of L-carnitine as a dietary supplement, particularly among athletes such as footballers and body builders who believe it helps build muscle, burn fat and improve brain function.

It has also caused doctors to reiterate warnings about excessive consumption of red meat and especially kangaroo meat, which has long been thought to be one of the healthiest choices because of its low fat content. The authors of the study, from Cleveland Clinic Foundation in the US, said that when L-carnitine was metabolised by gut bacteria in people who eat meat, it turned into high amounts of a compound named trimethylamine N-oxide TMAO , which damages arteries supplying blood to the heart and brain.

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Kangaroo Paws Plant Occurring naturally in southwest Australia, kangaroo paws belong to the genus Anigozanthos, of which there are eleven species — Anigozanthos flavidus being the most commonly grown. Size, stalk height, and color of kangaroo paws are dictated by the different species and arise as a result of hybridization. Kangaroo paws are moderately growing specimens commonly used for cut flowers that are exported all over the world from commercial growing sites such as the USA, Israel, and Japan.

Kangaroo paws bloom color is influenced by the fine hairs surrounding the flower and on occasion the stalk , ranging from black to yellow, orange and red. Spring and summer bloomers outdoors, kangaroo paws may bloom anytime when grown indoors. Pollinated by birds, the long flower stalks rise above the foliage and act as a red flag, attracting the birds to the nectar and providing them with a perch. Kangaroo paws pollen laden anthers allow pollen to be deposited on the feeding birds and thus, transferred from flower to flower as the birds feed.

How to Plant Kangaroo Paws So what does a kangaroo paws need to live? The care for kangaroo paws requires either a growth habitat indoors, or a climate in USDA zone 9. Because of its tropical origins, kangaroo paws will probably need to be overwintered indoors to prevent freezing. To care for kangaroo paws during this dormant phase indoors, keep the plant on the dry side unless actively blooming.

Growing Kangaroo Paws: What Does A Kangaroo Paws Need To Live

A study proposes that the arrival of the dingoes may have led to the extinctions of the Tasmanian devil, the thylacine, and the Tasmanian nativehen in mainland Australia because the dingo might have competed with the thylacine and devil in preying on the nativehen. However, the study also proposes that an increase in the human population that gathered pace around 4, years ago may have led to this. Nonetheless, recent morphological examinations of dingo and thylacine skulls show that although the dingo had a weaker bite, its skull could resist greater stresses, allowing it to pull down larger prey than the thylacine.

The thylacine was less versatile in its diet than the omnivorous dingo. The adoption of the dingo as a hunting companion by the indigenous peoples would have put the thylacine under increased pressure. In fact the image is cropped to hide the fenced run and housing, and analysis by one researcher has concluded that this thylacine is a mounted specimen, posed for the camera.

A gardener has described the frightening moment he came face-to-face with a huge muscle-bound kangaroo as he walked his dog in Western Australia.. Jackson Vincent said he is normally confident.

It is reputedly one of only seven enclosed valleys in the world. Don’t ask me to name the other six but Capertee, near Lithgow, is another one. Let’s just say that it is an extraordinarily beautiful valley, richly green when the rains have come; intimate because of the surrounding hills are characterised by neat farms; mysterious because of the rainforest in the gorges and on the slopes of the valley; and unashamedly gorgeous because of the small creeks which cross the valley and the old world charm of the chic village.

These qualities led the National Trust to classify the entire town in In recent times the valley has been a magnet for people wanting a “tree change” with members of both INXS and Midnight Oil buying into the valley. Visitors who travel to the area tend to picnic beside the Kangaroo River, walk across the historic Hampden Suspension Bridge, hire canoes and explore the Kangaroo River and visit the craft shops, coffee lounges and tea rooms in the village.

The area is also known for its excellent bushwalking.

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Kangaroo attacks Kangaroo attack Kangaroos are usually peaceful animals and, as they are vegetarians, would not attack humans because animals normally only attack because they need food or out of self defense. Despite their peaceful appearance they are formidable fighters. Most problems probably originate from people feeding them so they come to expect food and get grumpy when they don’t get it. Sometimes drought conditions bring them into towns where there is still water and green grass, like sometimes happens in Canberra.

There are a few recorded kangaroo attacks, though we have been able too find only human death by roo attack which occurred in New South Wales in where a hunter was killed when he tried to rescue his two dogs from a fight with a kangaroo. Prompted by two kangaroo attacks on children in Grafton in and , his research over the past two years has since been extended. He said they had thought there would be three to five attacks in the past two years but there’s already been 15 to 20 reports.

Arthur’s Creek, Victoria, November 49 Year old Chris Rickard was walking around his property together with his dog, a blue heeler named Rocky.

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Island of the Dead Kangaroo Island A large offshore island without human inhabitants, called ‘island of the dead’ by mainland Aborigines, separated from the Australian continent for almost 10 years, yet with abundant evidence of a prehistoric population. These are all the ingredients of a classic mystery story, which scholars have been trying to solve since Kangaroo Island, about kilometres long and 50 kilometres wide, lies This strait is bedevilled by strong currents, heavy tidal wells and steep breaking seas that make crossings in canoes or small boats a hazardous undertaking.

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