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American Furniture Many vintage furniture buyers opt for quality reproductions that are more affordable, and either option is fine providing that you research your subject well when identifying antique furniture. There is no exact science where antique furniture is concerned; you simply make an educated decision based on what is most important to you. Researching and Identifying Antique Furniture Becoming knowledgeable about antique furniture takes research, even if you are focusing on only one aspect of this wide-ranging subject. Many collectors prefer particular eras, styles, and makers, while others have more eclectic tastes. Get an expert opinion: A trained eye is more likely to find an undervalued treasure or a clever fake than a novice ever would.

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Home Blog A very old drawer, in a very old chest of drawers October 11, By Al Navas A very old drawer, in a very old chest of drawers We are finally home, after 3, miles on the road in two weeks. Following the conference we drove into the Western part of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont, a region commonly referred to as New England, for all readers not in the United States.

And now the job of cataloging photos of our trip begins, to make some order of the conference, the miles, the gorgeous views, and the wonderful people along the way. As I started the job of cataloging the photos, I came across this photo of a drawer in an old cabinet from the s.

A dovetail joint or simply dovetail is a joinery technique most commonly used in woodworking joinery (carpentry) including furniture, cabinets. [1] log buildings and traditional timber framing. Noted for its resistance to being pulled apart (tensile strength), the dovetail joint is commonly used to join the sides of a drawer to the front.

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A drawer is a fairly difficult thing to build when you get right down to it. It is a five sided box that must fit perfectly within a case (a six-sided box) and be removable on demand without binding or breaking either the drawer or the case.

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A new joint One of the first things to be looked at when trying to determine the age of a piece of antique furniture is the type of joinery used in the construction of the piece. Knowing the history of the technology of various periods goes a long way toward explaining clues about the age of furniture and none is more important or accessible than the type of joint used to secure a drawer.

Mostly what we see are dovetails of a sort. The interlocking dovetail joint came into general use in the William and Mary period in the late s and very early s, and for the first time allowed the construction of reliable drawers, a device with extremely limited use or convenience until then. Before this innovation most furniture consisted of simple boxes called coffers or some type of open shelving arrangement, and cabinets with shelves behind doors such as the old court cupboard.

By the end of the 18th century some progress had been made in furniture technology.

Dovetails are interlocking carved wood joints used in cabinetry to connect two pieces of wood — drawer fronts and sides, cabinet or cupboard corners.

By Bob Flexner Pages A while back, my wife and I were visiting friends who wanted to show us their collection of antique furniture. At one point we went into their bedroom and I headed directly for a very old-looking chest-of-drawers. I just wanted to date the piece by how the drawer was made. Construction Drawer construction has changed several times in the last years. Simply pull a drawer out a few inches, glance at the joinery on the side and feel the drawer bottom underneath — essentially a single motion.

In addition, the wood used for the drawer sides and bottoms helps determine whether the furniture is American or European. How a drawer is constructed and the woods used is revealing, but there are two important caveats. First, dating furniture is a fine art. Seldom does one clue provide confirmation of anything. Also important are style including hardware , shrinkage, nails, screws, locks, the primary and secondary woods used, the type of finish, tell-tale tool marks, areas of wear and general appearance.

Any technique or machine that was once used could still be used, and often is used, for example, by many readers of this magazine who build reproduction furniture. On the other hand, machine-cut dovetails definitely establish that the furniture is no older than about , when the dovetail-cutting machine was invented. Joinery Three clearly distinct drawer joints have been used on quality furniture:

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Shane Kapler Awhile back I wrote a blog post wherein I shared my reasons for giving up belief in the Rapture — the idea that Jesus will return to whisk His people away to Heaven before the antichrist is revealed and earth is plunged into its final crisis. Introduced to the Rapture as a teen by author Hal Lindsey, and confirmed in it during my time in a non-denominational church, my own study eventually brought me to the conclusion that the Rapture was not a legitimate element of Christian Faith.

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Jan 26,  · Clues to Dating Antiques #4 Damascus steel – Duration: terminal99 26, views. ‘s Mahogany Furniture Antiques with Gary Stover – Duration:

The opinions expressed in the comment section are the personal views of the commenters. Comments are moderated, so please keep it civil. Do you know HOW the food we eat turns into energy in the cells? A tiny flaw in 1 of the hundreds of processes on the subcellular level means that a baby cannot survive. Seeing how many things can go just slightly but fatally wrong, it is G-d’s miracle that any of us is alive and healthy! I was just thinking about how to discuss this very issue with a coworker who asked me about my beliefs.

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Furniture Wood If you have a worn old dresser or rickety heirloom chair on your hands, you may be thinking of refinishing it yourself. Older mass-produced pieces whose origins fall somewhere between and are ideal candidates for refinishing. However, if you have questions about how old your piece is, consult an expert first, says Teri Masaschi , author of Foolproof Wood Finishing: Here are some general guidelines to assessing the age and quality of your piece.

But keep in mind that there are lots of exceptions to these rules, so err on the side of caution.

Dating Furniture Moldings A most important feature for dating antique furniture Find this Pin and more on A’tique V’tage or Not? Clues! by Karen Chapman. Dating Furniture Moldings A most important feature for dating antique furniture See more.

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So how do you build a wardrobe that serves both your professional and personal needs without breaking the bank? Here are ten of my favorite tips for upgrading your style and your wardrobe on a budget. Know Your Thrift Stores Get to the thrift store. Second-hand, charity, consignment, and other used clothing stores can be a gold mine for sharp-looking menswear. The odds of walking out with something that fits and looks good on any one trip are vanishingly small.

It takes multiple trips and an open mind to start building a wardrobe from thrift stores.

Hand-cut dovetails are the oldest and are usually easy to identify. The size of the pins and tails is typically uneven, with the pins commonly narrower than the tails. Also, clearly visible scribe marks and saw or chisel overcuts frequently remain on the wood.

Methods[ edit ] The dovetail joint is very strong because of the way the ‘tails’ and ‘pins’ are shaped. This makes it difficult to pull the joint apart and virtually impossible when glue is added. This type of joint is used in box constructions such as drawers, jewellery boxes, cabinets and other pieces of furniture where strength is required. It is a difficult joint to make manually, requiring skilled workmanship. There are different types of dovetail joints. The joint is strong especially when used with glue.

The angle of slope varies according to the wood used, purpose of joint and type of work. Typically the slope is 1: Often a slope of 1:

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I was at first unwilling to accept what I was being told but the narrator seemed so sincere. Some things we need take on faith. It seems woodworkers for centuries have been joining wood at right angles by removing portions of both boards interlocking and keying the two boards permanently together. They say these joints were used to build both carcasses and drawers.

As the dovetail joint evolved through the last one hundred thirty years, it becomes a clue for the age and authenticity of antique furniture. The type of dovetailed joint, especially in drawers, reveals much about furniture construction and dating.

The father of Australia’s super system, Paul Keating, is completely on board with Pratt’s cause. Peter Braig Over the past couple of years, Australian companies have been a bit sluggish in looking for large-scale funding, preferring to enhance their profits and appeal to shareholders by cutting costs and handing over bigger dividends. Large companies have not been complaining about getting access to bank finance, and many of them are accessing the large, sophisticated debt private placement markets in the US for big licks of capital.

Bringing longer-term bond financing into Australia’s corporate mainstream is an idea whose time has come. Anthony Pratt To the extent that there is an opportunity in the borrowing market, it would be for companies that are looking for long-term debt of maybe seven or even 20 years. That is a market in which Australian banks typically don’t play. If a big Australian company wants long-term funding, they head to US or European debt markets.

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China cabinets then became popular among the wealthiest people in Europe. The popularity of china cabinets spread, and they can now be found in the homes of anyone, regardless of wealth. Your cabinet is an antique if it retains at least 50 percent of its original components and is at least years old. There are clues that will tell you if your china cabinet is an antique.

Step 1 Inspect the finish on your cabinet. If it is an antique, you should see some patina on the drawer pulls. Fingers tugging at the drawer pulls over the decades gives the metal a mellow finish, or patina. Newer cabinets do not have this change in its finish. The feet on your cabinet should also show some scuffing and the finish will be less shiny than the rest of the cabinet.

If the cabinet is painted, the color will be dulled on surfaces where there has been lots of contact with hands or fingers over the decades. There may be crackling of the paint or areas where the paint has disappeared as a result of exposure to bright sun or moisture. These are all suggestions of age, but it takes a professionally trained antiques dealer to know if these marks are caused by age or are modern reproductions.

Step 2 Find a screw in an inconspicuous place on the cabinet and carefully remove it. If the cabinet is an antique, the screw will have wear on the threads and the head of the screw will most likely be slightly off-center.

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