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What are some plans after this investment round to bring 8tracks into competition with Pandora, Spotify, and other music services? Ultimately what we want is to make it dead-simple to find playlists that are relevant to a particular listener based on taste. There are different ways we are going to chew that up, and you will see more of that coming in the months ahead. The other big thing that is an area of focus is to make it easier to create playlists. Right now the majority of playlists are made by uploading music, so one significant project is directly licensing a comprehensive library of ultimately all music, and in doing so we can remove the upload requirement — bringing the ability to make playlists to our mobile apps. Today playlists can only be made on web, and so only a third of our users as you saw in the last two slides can actually make a playlist, so we can make it much easier for users to create playlists on their handsets in the back of the bus or in the subway, so I think that fundamentally changes the first engine of production for 8tracks, which is playlist creation. Will 8tracks be cheaper in operation than sirius radio to get started? Bringing a broader variety of music and personalities to the car currently relies primarily on putting satellites into outer space, which is obviously an expense at the outset. Satellite radio is primarily a subscription service, and the average revenue generated per listener tends to be quite a bit higher, but certainly in getting a service off the ground it is much cheaper for us to do so.

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Tweet on Twitter Do you know what to do on a long flight? The average American has visited just three nations. Passing the Time Wisely I once spent an hour-long flight watching the antics of two extremely inebriated individuals in the seats in front of me. I fully expected the police to meet us at the gate and haul them away.

No such luck, of course. You might even disembark at your destination wondering how you got there at all.

The latest Tweets from nicte maruri ordaz (@nictemaruri). Si la musica fuera nuestros ojos, las novedades nuestros labios y el arte nuestra nariz. Seriamos la persona mas hermosa del mundo.

Your music is so good in putting me in the right mindset. So really, thank you for putting in excellent effort and being thourough in ensuring listenability. NIna December 1, Thanks for this amazing music. You saved my life more or less. Finally sitting in the Senate House Libary in london. Kwame December 16, Was able to finally fully concentrate and complete my University Essays and studying for my upcoming exams… Thanks a lot study music project your music is awesome!!!

Ginny January 6, Incredible, inspirational, soothing, just what I needed, awesome talented and this is only the beginning! Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us …x Cole January 24, Hi there, your music is simply amazing. I went on and on with my writting. It really increased my tolorance for writting.


Gaffer tape Ground-lift adapter optional Step 1 Load software and drivers Load software and sound card drivers on to your laptop and read the user guides to become familiar with them. Bring a few backup CDs with you in case of software malfunction. You may quickly need to cue some music while you fix the problem. Step 3 Set up a playlist Set up a playlist that can run for the duration of the event.

 · With two specially spaced apart shelves, the stand holds up to records or records and a large amp. Your turntable goes on top, with room below for applications and accessories. You’ll need to find space for speakers but there is a hook to hang headphones and “now spinning grooves” to display album  › Amar Ediriwira.

When playing a Spotify Mobile track, you can add it to a playlist. The iPhone is more versatile than Android in this regard because you can also create a new playlist from the existing track. Create and edit Spotify playlists on the iPhone To add a track to an existing playlist, follow these steps: Tap the I symbol to bring up more track information, and then touch Add To.

Your list of playlists appears. Tap the playlist to which you want to add the track. The track is now added to the playlist. To create a brand new playlist from scratch with the currently playing track included, follow these steps: For convenience, the name of the currently playing track becomes the playlist name. Optional Use your keypad to delete and edit this name, if you want. Tap Create to finish the process. To make a playlist out of an album, follow these steps: When viewing an album from search results, for example , tap the ellipsis symbol.

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This summer began here, in the first week of March: This will be our last summer together. This is now the soundtrack of his good-bye, a heart torn out through a tight black T-shirt and presented, still pulsing, with a deranged smile. Lay down a blanket underneath this one.

~ Mark, Jack, Felix, PJ, and Emma were setting up their Cringemas charity livestream to raise money for the Red Cross association. Jack and Felix hadn’t seen each other in a while, and took the time to bond as best as they could. It took them no time at all to become closer than ever. Too close for.

This mix of loud and fast rock, with J. Sometimes things are better left in the past. Equal parts dingy and vulnerable, dark and passionate, this In Utero cut is a love song for the plaid and tired. It provided enough hook and depth to appeal to audiences on both sides of the spectrum—the heady had the existential destruction of love, while the head-banging masses had enough crunch and thump to risk a neck injury. Fashioned out of sweltering guitar work and a hook-heavy melody, the song illustrates why people like Cobain were taking notice.

What Nirvana gave to grunge was a perceptive voice, dressed and fit for the scene. They transcended expectation and typecasting, adding a melodious undertone to even the grungiest riffs, adding beauty to the dirt. Musically, the song sonically shifts between softer verses and a fuzz-driven, aggressive chorus. Lyrically, it hits on all pegs of what any alternative scene faces: The result is one of the most melodic and beautiful soundscapes to come out of the grunge movement.

It was proof that Mudhoney had the heart and mentality of grunge down before anyone else. But the meat here is in Corgan and co.

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What does Studio do? Studio is basically a sophisticated audio player with special features that radio stations need. Studio is most often used to automatically load playlist files every hour, and play the audio files in an automatic or live assistance manual mode, as scheduled by Creator or other music scheduling software.

 · Melisa Isado If I was lara jean to be honest after she found out that peter knew Genevieve took the video and that peter was gonna hook up with her Iwould have more If I was lara jean to be honest after she found out that peter knew Genevieve took the video and that peter was gonna hook up with her Iwould have been like ur done ://

Last week, MTV correspondent Sway Calloway moderated a spirited roundtable discussion with some of our very own experts: The panel managed to narrow it down to their top We will say that the year’s ultimate “Party Rock Anthem” made the cut, as did Rihanna’s waltz into the world of dubstep, a kitchen-sink empowerment anthem for anyone who’s ever felt marginalized, and an unexpected smash about a school shooting that is so catchy you might miss the sinister lyrics.

More importantly, the song’s message touched fans all over the world as the pop star toured the globe. To help them, to lift them up,” she told the crowd when I saw her at New York’s Nassau Coliseum this summer. The arena shook as every person sang along with her and pyro lit up the stage, raining down like a wall of sparklers.

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But when I saw the notification this morning, I was temporarily lifted from the fog of my undergraduate life. I ascended from my literary analyses and anthropological articles and was reminded of myself at sixteen years old. I was a sophomore in high school who had accumulated too many poems, and I needed a place to put them.

Since then, Stellular Scribe has been a constant writing refuge for me from my over-scheduled life. One day, I hope to settle here more permanently, to share my first, most precious passion more consistently. For your attentive reading.

So I want to know your favorites and least favorites of the big 3 and why they are this way? I’ll Start! Favorite: SM I think they are overall the most talented of the big 3 in terms of dancing/vocals (need to work on rap) and their music styles and concepts are more my taste.

Four of them have basically the same title. Anyway, the love of money in rap is directly related to the love of money in America. Nothing is ever just surface-level deep, you know? I was thinking the other day about storytelling in rap. Just hearing him say that sparks something in your head. I like taking it at face value, though. Memphis is a busy dude, so keep it simple, stupid. Pledge allegiance to the grind.

There are some spoilers, but screw it. His new songs are ill, her thoughts are interesting, and I left a too-long comment in her comment section! I read and enjoyed Ghostface talking about his favorite songs. I quoted this one the other day, in that big rap piece.

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Hi everyone, Music is your passion. If it were up to you, you’d spend all your time writing and performing. But if music is also your business, you have to leave the studio and do some legwork to promote it.

Proof that the Thunderbird, that Native American creature that summons storms, is not into environmental causes. Ships connected to the Deepwater oil spill have been told to leave the site by the U. Coast Guard as Tropical Storm Bonnie powers up, including the rig that is drilling the relief well. The cap, however, is to stay in place.

There are also reports that BP has been buying off scientific experts in order to aid its post-Deepwater litigation defense. The firm has, however, realized the error of its Photoshopping ways and has posted a Flickr set of the originals of its altered images. Facebook has been shining a light on its future plans, with a new social gaming team, says CTO Bret Taylor. The social networking site says that the contract being waved around by Wotsit Ceglia is a forgery.

Look out for the one with the square head. Finally, rumors abound that Disney is taking a step into the social gaming world with an acquisition of Playdom. About the author My writing career has taken me all round the houses over the past decade and a half–from grumpy teens and hungover rock bands in the U. For the past five years I’ve been writing about technology and innovation for U.

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Why are you waiting until August to tell me which songs will be replaced? Both SoundCloud and 8tracks have benefit from an integration introduced nearly 5 years ago, allowing 8tracks DJs to search for and add SoundCloud tracks to their playlists. We have been preparing for this event by signing direct deals with labels and distributors, amassing more than 9 million songs in our Library so far.

When is this happening? As of today, SoundCloud will no longer be available in the 8tracks playlist creation choreography.

Welcome to 8tracks, the best place for music discovery on the internet. Create your own playlist to share with the world, or listen for free to perfect music for any taste, time and place.

Although most of the club bangers this year haven’t got enough radio play. I guess that could be a good thing, because they always play out every song. I’m still waiting for that one heavy hitter club banger though. Usually every year has that one club banger that is off the hook. There is still three months left.

So we’ll see how things pan out. Start of October and it’s getting a bit colder now. And where I’m at it’s raining non-stop. It won’t stop us from bumpin’ to some crazy club bangers. Here are a few more club bangers I found for y’all.

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